Woodlot Spatial Submission Tool

e-Waste Reporting Manual for Woodlots

The basic How To Guide for e-Submissions to the Waste e-FM system.

This guide will enable you to handle waste e-Reporting for a typical Woodlot.

e-Waste Reporting for Woodlots Users Manual Ver 1.1


This program is freeware for BC Woodlot Licencees. Development was partially funded by the Ministry of Forests
and Range and the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations, and supported by a lot of volunteer hours.

This program is designed to carry out four key e-FM tasks for Woodlot Licencees:

1. Prepare XML/GML submissions of cutblock boundaries to be uploaded to FTA through the ESF system.

2. Prepare XML/GML submissions of proposed road locations to be uploaded to FTA through the ESF system.

3. Prepare XML/GML submissions of openings and standards units to be uploaded to RESULTS.

4. Prepare XML/GML submissions of forest cover polygons to be uploaded to RESULTS.

The intended user groups for the WLGML program are Woodlot Licencees who want to do their own e-FM submissions
and small consultants who want to provide mapping and e-FM services to woodlots.

The software assumes that many RESULTS entries will be made using the on-line tabular data entry available to
Woodlot Licencees, and several key output parameters are hard coded to Woodlot specifications.

e-FM submissions prepared for other Licence types using this software will not be accepted by the ESF systems.

WLGML does not replace industrial grade e-FM software, and can not do many of the tasks that a full package
such as eziLink can do.

WLGML is intended to make fairly straightforward submissions, as are usually found on Woodlots.
Complex submissions and/or dealing with previous erroneous submissions will quite likely require
the services of a competent service provider equipped with industrial grade e-FM submission and
mapping software.


The first listing below is the manual for this software, the others are useful RESULTS manuals that contain helpful information and definitions.

WLGML Users Manual Version 4 - the users manual for WLGML. January 2021 version.

XLS - The 1 CP Triangle Calculator XLS

RISS-wl - the 2016 RESULTS tech manual for Woodlots - far from perfect, but our tech reference.

RISS-ls - the Industry RESULTS tech bible - you may want this document too.

Submitting Forest Cover to RESULTS for Openings with Retained Trees - 2016 partial cutting and reserves how to manual from FLNR.

Cutting Permit and Road Tenure Administration Manual. - This FLNRO manual contains vital info if you are making Road Permit or conventional CP submissions to FTA.

ESF FTA Industry Guide 2009. - This FLNRO manual contains some useful examples of what to do in complex Conventional CP situations.

Woodlot Licence Planning and Practices Reg - FRPA Era - Current Version.

Woodlot Licence Forest Management Regulation - Code Era - 1998 Version - contains many Code Era stocking standards defaults.

Woodlot Licence Forest Management Regulation - Code Era - Feb 2002 Version - added the Section 22.02 Site Plan Exempt harvest area default stocking standards.

The old RESULTS for Woodlots guide - from 2007 - a bit old, but a useful manual.

Simple Code Era Site Plan amendment form - Simple Code Era Site Plan amendment form


A set of blank data entry forms designed by Coleen in 2008/revised by Tom 2012 that help you to organize the info you will need to make a submission in one place.
Goal is to minimize chances of getting half way through some task and discovering that you do not have what you need to finish the job.
And/or to keep your service provider costs down. Service providers charge less when they can do a submission in one go / do not have to keep asking for more info.

Cheat Sheets - the cheat sheets


Windows 10 Install

Under Win 10, you need to install 2 items.

First, download and install a spatial data engine that WLGML dedends on:

SQLSysClrTypes.MSI - Contains required SQL server spatial types

Then, download the MSI and run it.

SETUP.MSI - The current version of WLGML

Older Windows Versions Install

NOTE: Minimum System Requirement: Windows XP

Older windows versions lack various function libraries that WLGML requires to run.
These are contained in the set of files below.
If you try to install one of the files below and your system tells you that "A newer
verion is already installed.", just cancel that particular install and move to next one.

DOWNLOAD/SAVE the following list of files to a findable directory on your system, then install from that directory.

VCREDIST_x86.EXE - Contains required Microsoft C++ component

DOTNETFX35SETUP.EXE - Installs Microsoft .NET 3.5 Environment

SQLSysClrTypes.MSI - Contains required SQL server spatial types

You want BOTH of the following. Save them to the same folder on your hard drive, and click the SETUP.EXE to install.

SETUP.EXE - The setup executable. Makes some system checks, and then activates SETUP.MSI

SETUP.MSI - The current version of WLGML

Older Windows Version Install Procedure

Step 1: Double click VCREDIST_x86.EXE to install it. This will install a specific Microsoft C++ component on your computer.
Multiple C++ components can exist on one computer, but some specific parts of this one are needed for WLGML

Step 2: Double click DOTNETFX35SETUP.EXE to install it. This will install the .NET environment Version 3.5 on your computer.

Step 3: Double click SQLSysClrTypes.MSI to install it. This file adds some SQL server spatial types to your Windows components.

Step 4: Double click the SETUP.EXE file. This will install the actual WLGML program.


We all hate registering software. Especially as it seems to be code for "Please send me spam every day for the rest of my life!"
However, if you email me at tomb_at_netidea.com to tell me you've joined the program users, I will send you a short email to tell you
when we upgrade the program to fix a bug.

This can save you having to find, verify and report the bug yourself.