Winlaw Regional and Nature Park
Spring 2012 Park Change Room Roof Replacement Contract
Sorry! Have not got to making the web page with detailed photos yet.
In simple terms, the park has a changing room and the roof needs to be replaced.
We plan on using metal corrugated colored roofing.
We want bids from contractors to supply the labout and materials to dothe job.
Also describe the job you intend to do. It is a roof. WHen you get it half off and we discover
where the rot is, we need to be able to clearly define that, for example, "replacement of roof
strapping" was or was not covered in the contract price.

Changing room hidden by trees. Bench

There is no power supply in the park. Hand tools or a generator will be required.

Contractor will supply all materials and equipment required to carry out the work.

Work is to be completed in Sprting 2012 before the annual flood closes off the job site.

The lowest bid will not necessarily be chosen. The Park Commission will weigh cost and
contractor references for simlar work when selecting a contractor.

Payment in full will be made upon satisfactory completion of work. Note that payment
will be made by RDCK. Processing can take a week or two.

Please submit contract bids to:

Winlaw Park
Box 125
Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0


Wednesday November 30, 2011